Economic & Community Development

Hermon Intersection Project 2016

Scott Perkins, Director

Economic & Community Development

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Giving Business the Edge!

Mission Statement 

Hermon is a growing community made up of young families, educated professionals, business owners and long term residents that anchor our Town. Hermon experiences a quality workforce available locally and regionally due to our unique geographical advantage. Our Town offers some of the best locations for business regionally. Multiple transportation options include the Interstate system, Bangor International Airport and Railway service extending from Canada to Searsport.

An exceedingly low tax rate is common in Hermon with rates often times half as much as neighboring communities. These supports have created a strong local business base that takes advantage of the qualities that a well planned community can provide.

Hermon provides an extremely high quality of life for families of all ages. The Town is a State wide leader concerning the delivery of quality municipal and business services. Hermon offers good recreational opportunities and strong support for its schools. An identified strength for Hermon remains its ability to encourage commercial growth in areas that do not interfere with its suburban and rural appeal.

With responsive administrative leaders, quality educational opportunities and public safety resources that exceed most communities our size, Hermon is a complete package for any business owner looking for excellence in municipal service and steady positive growth for its bottom line.