Burn Permits


A burn permit is required within the confines of the Town of Hermon to burn any of the following material, Slash, Brush, Grass & Pasture and approved wood waste.  The person to whom a burn permit is issued must have the permit in hand during the burn. If burning on rented property you must obtain written consent from the land owner. Additionally, precautions must be in place to assure that the burn remains contained, such as a charge garden hose that will reach the fire and one or more adults must be present to oversee the burn operation. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should any flammable liquids be used to start a burn operation, or be in proximity to a burn. Only naturally occurring vegetation and brush may be burned.

The burning of any painted wood, household trash, demolished building debris, plastic, rubber, Styrofoam, metals, food wastes, chemicals, treated wood or other solid wastes, except for approved wood wastes, etc, is prohibited.

The fire department issues permits on class 1 and class 2 days or at the discretion of the on duty fire officer.

To check the fire danger visit the site below:
Maine Fire Danger Map

Permits are available at no charge through the Hermon Fire Department, at the fire station located behind the Town Office during regular business hours.  Residents may obtain a permit through the Maine Forest Service website. This can be done on weekends, or any time they wish. Click the link for an online burn permit: Maine Online Burn Permit.

The Hermon Fire Department will be glad to inspect any burn piles you may be wishing to dispose of prior to the burn, to assure that the location and make up of the materials to be burned are in conformance with acceptable standards. Please contact the on duty personnel at the station during regular business hours to arrange such an inspection. Hermon Fire Department (207) 848-5986.