Roadway Parking

It is illegal to park in or on roadways in the State of Maine, per Title 29A, 2069.

Parked in violation.  A law enforcement officer or the Department of Transportation may cause the removal of a vehicle or require the operator to move the vehicle from a location in violation of section 2068, subsection1 to a location where parking is permitted.

Interfering with snow removal, normal traffic movement.  A law enforcement officer may cause the removal to a suitable parking place, at the expense of the registered owner, of a vehicle interfering with snow removal or the normal movement of traffic or parked within the limits of a right-of-way.  The Department of Transportation may take the same action for a vehicle standing on property under its jurisdiction.

Liability for damages; charges.  The State, a political subdivision of the State or a law enforcement officer is not liable for damage that may be caused by removal of a vehicle or for any towing or storage charges.

The fine for the summons of the above law is $152.00.