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Interested parties can complete the comprehensive plan survey to contribute ideas to assist with the completion of the next 10-year plan for the Town of Hermon. The survey will be available from March 10th, 2023 until April 7th, 2023. The survey document can be found here:

Anyone wishing to fill out a survey manually may visit the Town of Hermon and request a survey from the Clerk’s office. Any questions regarding the survey process can be directed to by email, or by phone at 848-1010 and asking for the DECD office extension.

Comprehensive Plan Committee AGENDA 4-25-2023

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Schedule Update: The Comprehensive Plan Meeting for February 28, 2023 has been resceduled due to weather. Next scheduled meeting: March 7, 2023.

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Schedule Update: The Comprehensive Plan Meeting for November 29, 2022 has been CANCELLED. Next scheduled meeting: December 27, 2022.

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Schedule Update: The Comprehensive Plan Meeting for July 26, 2022 has been CANCELLED. Next scheduled meeting: September 27, 2022.

Answers to RFP Questions 9-1-2022

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Comprehensive Plan Committee AGENDA 5-31-2022

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What is a comprehensive plan?

A comprehensive plan requires community visioning and strategies for future success. Imagining how your community could be at its very best 10-20 years out and creating a viable plan to reach those goals is critical to well run municipalities and the entire region. It’s about understanding the forces of change and working with them to achieve a better future. The most critical ingredient to forging a strong comprehensive plan is articulating a compelling vision that is achievable for the future, which requires taking a hard look at current policies and future trends, and a commitment to effective approaches likely to result in positive, measurable outcomes consistent with the community’s overall goals.

Comprehensive plans are also the legal underpinning of zoning ordinances—intended to assure that the power of zoning is not used arbitrarily, unfairly, or without attention to identified and documented needs after considering current data and conditions. State of Maine requirements for any approved comprehensive plan are described in the Maine Growth Management Act Title 30-A.

Commonly addressed issues in comprehensive plans include:

• growth, both commercial and residential
• education and schools
• open space issues
• the environment
• economic development, economic diversification
• housing affordability
• elderly issues and services
• changing demographics
• recreational opportunities
• community image
• traffic, congestion
• tourism
• regional concerns

What type of committee is this?

On April 28, 2022, the Hermon Town Council created an “Ad Hoc” committee as an advisory board to review the current 2010 Comprehensive Plan, and to provide guidance and recommendations regarding potential updates to the Town Council for consideration.

Who is on the committee?

The committee includes two members of the Town Council, one member of the School Committee, the Economic Development Director, the Town’s Assessor, the Code Enforcement Officer and seven members of the public. Committee members include: John Snyer, Ron Murphy, Stephanie Oiler, Scott Perkins, Josh Berry, Jessefa Murphy, Ed Marsh, Josh Pelletier, Kristan Rancourt, Gregory Newell, Russ Maynard, Deborah Langille and Richard Guthrie.

How do residents contribute ideas?

As part of the process of planning, a public participation program will be offered to residents including wide and varied ways to forward ideas for consideration. Before final acceptance, a public hearing will be advertised by the Town Council.